Treat Your Tummy By Giving It Time Off

We all agree that losing weight takes dedication and work. It also takes motivation. Its easier to get motivated at first. Constant reminders are helpful. We need to start thinking about those things that can help along the way. Ultimately you will lose but it takes time.

One way to increase your weight loss motivation is to think about eating differently.

Eating enough of the right foods is important but make sure snacking when you are not hungry is avoided so that you are not making your digestive system work harder.


thinkThe job requirement of a production worker is to have the ability to work quickly and methodically. To be effective they need to have regular breaks. If they are overloaded with unnecessary tasks that doesn’t have anything to do with the job, they compromise their real role. They need to simply produce what is essential and enjoy having enough breaks to complete their job well. Your tummy is the same.


Treat your tummy by giving it time off!

To healthy living,




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