Motivational Mondays

You ever wonder why most people like to start their diet on a Monday? Me too. Well, it’s been revealed that psychologically most feel Monday’s are the first day of the week. Yes, I know Sunday technically starts the week but a lot of people choose to relax that day. Ask around and you will find the responses are consistent with this revelation.

Personally, it’s the best start for me because I often feel guilty about what I did (diet) or didn’t do (exercise) over the weekend. That is why it all goes back to what you will constantly hear my staff and I focus on. The combination of our diet and exercise highly impacts our weight loss.

I, along with my staff, am no different than any of you who struggle with weight loss. The good news is since we have made a commitment to stay focus and motivated our Monday’s are now better than ever!

Cheers – Happy Monday!



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